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EMIS Newsflash – May 2, 2014


EMIS Manual Section 2.1.1 Student Enrollment Overview Published
The Student Enrollment Overview provides information regarding students entering and exiting educational entities.  The document addresses compulsory education, residency, homeless and foreign exchange students, court placement, open enrollment, homeschooling, discipline and truancy.  Relevant federal/state laws and ODE policy have been included, along with a number of questions and answers relating to many of the enrollment topics received through the EMIS Helpdesk following the Statewide Student Attendance Data and Accountability System Audit. 
New FY14 Financial (H) Collection Request Released
A new Financial (H) Reporting Collection Request for FY14 is available today. The FY14 H Release Notes have been attached to this e-mail and will provide pertinent information about the collection request. 
Updated FY14 Yearend (N) Collection Request – v2 Released
An updated version (2) of the FY14 Yearend (N) Collection Request is available today.   Please refer to the attached FY14 N Release Notes for more specific information regarding the collection request.