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EMIS Newsflash – May 24, 2019


ODDEX Enhancements
Additional data—such as attendance and grade level—will now be included in ODDEX beneath a student’s enrollment data in the Single Student/History Tab. This additional data is being loaded into ODDEX starting with 2019 and moving backwards. When completed, the data will be available back to 2015. This data is being populated from the student data, not the SCR submission data.

Most students enrolled in FY19 have the new data at this point; however, some may still be missing. The backload of prior years will continue throughout next week.

Additional information about this enhancement is available in the ODDEX Release Notes and on the ODDEX wiki page.

An additional enhancement involves the ODDEX help links. There will now be a help link within ODDEX at the module level. These module-level links will take the user directly to the help pages specific to that module. The main help link on the Navigation bar has been renamed ODDEX Help and will function as before.