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EMIS Newsflash – May 8, 2017


FY17 Traditional Districts End of Year Student (S) Collection, v2
An updated FY17 Traditional Districts End of Year Student (S) Collection Request has been released. Please refer to the Release Notes for details.
Data Review & Data Appeal Windows Open for CTE March (D) Data
Beginning Monday, May 8 through Friday, May 19, superintendents of districts that offer CTE programming may conduct the required data review of their 2017 March (D) Collections in EMIS that will affect their CTPD’s technical skill attainment, placement and industry credential measures on the 2017 Ohio CTE Report Cards.
Superintendents are to signify whether these data are accurate or not as they complete the “2017 Data Review for CTE” form, which is within the Forms application in SAFE. If a superintendent has inaccurate data, he or she should also submit an appeal as described here, using the “2017 Data Appeal for CTE March (D)” form.
Please note that the superintendent, treasurer, EMIS coordinator and superintendent designee have access to fill out both the data review and data appeal forms. The forms are not officially submitted to the department, however, until the superintendent approves the form and completes the process.
For more information about the data review window, timeline and completion process for superintendents, click here. For answers to questions regarding the data review or data appeals, please contact the Office of Data Quality.