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EMIS Newsflash – November 9, 2018


FY18 Career Tech Accountability Assessment (A) Collection, v3
Please refer to the Release Notes for details regarding this newly posted collection request.
Files Recently Distributed
Files will be copied out to the data collectors this afternoon. Please see the file names below. File descriptions have been included as these have not previously been released. File descriptions can also be found on our website.
2019_STAFF_Equitable_Access_Analysis_Tool_<file date>.xls
2019 Equitable Access Analysis Tool for CCIP Planning
The Equitable Access Analysis Tool provides local education agencies with student and staffing data from 2017-2018 to engage in the FY19 local equitable access planning requirement in the CCIP. The tool provides data in a Microsoft Excel file that can be sorted for analysis purposes. The tool includes student measures, educator measures, and the Educator Workforce Strength Index. The Equitable Access Analysis Tool provides data at the state, district, and building levels. The tool allows educators to identify where, and to what extent, any inequities in access to excellent educators exist. Download and share the tool with appropriate staff (for example, Superintendent, Federal Programs Coordinators, Human Resources, and those who engage in federal programs planning process). Visit the local equity planning page for more information.