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EMIS Newsflash – October 10, 2019


FY20 SOES Beginning of Year Student (S) Collection, v2
Please refer to the Release Notes for details regarding this newly posted collection request.
New Webpage for EMIS Changes
In response to suggestions from the EMIS Advisory Council and related workgroups, we have revised the process for how we manage the EMIS change process, including the release schedule and our change-related communications. Changes will now be assigned to a particular release. These releases are scheduled every two weeks, on Thursdays (Oct. 10, Oct. 24, Nov. 7, and so on).
You can now find on our website a page for EMIS Changes. Here you will find a list of changes by release date. At this time, this page will be updated on at least a weekly basis. The date last updated appears at the top of the page. As changes are completed and released, the information about them will move to the “Completed and Released” section at the bottom of the page.
For each change, you will see a Change Number, a Short Title and Description, and a Reason for Change. As part of the new change process, the format of the change numbers has changed. For changes that were transferred to FY20 from a prior year, you will find the older change number in the short title. The short title and description column may include a short description of the change, new or revised elements or options, or direction on where to find more information. The reason for the change will most often be policy change, new federal law, new state law, or other.
We will also begin publishing changes that have been submitted but are not yet scheduled for a release. Those changes will appear on a separate, linked page. That page is still under development as we continue to refine the new EMIS change process. When that page goes live, you will receive information via Newsflash.
As we continue to refine this new process there may be additional changes made, which would then be included in a future Newsflash. If you have questions about information on the EMIS Changes webpage, contact the helpdesk.

Files Recently Distributed
New files were copied out to the data collectors. The file name and description are included below. This file description can also be found on our website.

2020_CCP_NOT_FUNDED_AT_RESP_LEA_<file date>.xls
FY2016 – FY2020 CCP Courses not Funded at the Responsible District
This report contains information about CCP courses for which the district is responsible, but the student taking the course is not being funded at the district on the course roster date. The report includes course information reported by the college such as the course ID, course name, section ID, year, term, delivery method, credit hour code, credit hour count, and course roster date. The report will also show any reviews placed on the course by the district as well as the date on which the data was pulled.
Districts and colleges should use these reports to reconcile any differences in reporting that result in the wrong district being assigned payment responsibility for a course.
2020_CCP_SPLIT_PAYMENT_DATA_<file date>.xls
FY 2016 – FY 2020 CCP Courses for which Payment Responsibility is Split
This report contains information about CCP courses for which ODE is unable to determine the district responsible for payment. In these cases, the responsible credits are allocated to each district based on the total percent of time reported for the student taking the course.  Reports include course information reported by the college such as the course ID, course name, section ID, year, term, delivery method, and credit hour code. The reports also include the following information for each district that is assigned partial responsibility for payment of the course:
  • credits assigned to the district for payment
  • a flag indicating if the student was enrolled on the course roster date
  • a flag indicating if the district reported the student with a ‘PS’ sent reason
  • a flag indicating if the student was reported as being enrolled in a postsecondary course
  • total percent of time reported by the district
  • review flags placed by the district
Districts should use this report to assist in determining which LEA is responsible for the course. If a course is still open for review, then the districts involved should place the appropriate flags indicating whether they should pay for the course. If a course is not open for review, then one or both districts should escalate the course. Ideally, CCP courses should not be split.