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EMIS Newsflash – October 12, 2016


FY17 Five Year Forecast - Initial Required (P) Collection, v1
A new FY17 Five Year Forecast - Initial Required (P) Collection Request has been released. Please refer to the Release Notes for details.
How to run the SDC reports for the FY2016 Graduation Rate
Below are the directions to get into the SDC and run the Graduation Rate reports for the FY2016 Graduation Rate.
  1. Sign into SAFE using your SAFE User Name and Password.
  2. Click on the SDC link.
  3. Click on the Reports for Analysis folder/icon.
  4. Click on the Graduation folder/icon.
  5. Click on either the District Graduation Rate – Customizable or the School Graduation Rate – Customizable folder/icon depending on whether you want the graduation data at the district level or for a specific school. Community schools and STEM districts must use the school report. The reports that have “Current Data” at the end of the name of the report will only produce the results for the FY2015 Graduation Rate and will not produce the FY2016 Graduation Rate, the reports with “Customizable” at the end of the report name will allow districts/schools to select the fiscal year they want the graduation data for.
  6. When the prompts for the report show, select the following:
    1. Double click on the school year that should be used for the report (2015-2016).
    2. Double click on the district/school that you want to select. If you are running the school report you may need to click on the ► beside the word “Organization” to get the list of school names.
    3. Select a Student Disaggregation if you would like the report is disaggregated by a specific group. Usually this option will be skipped.
    4. Select (double click) the columns (metrics) you want to see on the report. Most often it would be:
      1. 4 – year Graduation Rate
      2. 4 – year Non-Graduate count
      3. 4 – Year Graduate Count
  7. Click “Run Report”. Once this button is clicked the report will run and generate a report that will show districts/schools the graduation rate information for the district/school chosen.
If you have the “SDC – Student Level” role in OEDS, then once the report has been generated you can get to SSID level data by doing a “right click” on the district/school name or IRN number then “hover” over the word “Drill”. This will bring up a list of options and then click on the option “Student Identifier”.
Files Recently Distributed
The following files have been copied out to the data collectors.
2016G_Prep_for_Success_Detail_<file date>.xls
Report Card Prep for Success
  • This file contains 3 tabs for public districts and 2 tabs for community schools. These reports show the summary information by district or community school (LEA_OUTPUT, BLDG_SUMMARY) as well as public school (LEA_BUILDING_SUMMARY). These reports also show all the variables that factor into Prep for Success calculation: ACT remediation free, SAT remediation free, Industry Credential Earned (at least 12 points in a career field), earned an Honors diploma, Dual Enrollment credit (at least 3 hours earned), AP test score and IB test score. Based on these values the total initial points and bonus points earned are shown by SSID.
If you have questions about these files, contact Brian Clark ( or