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EMIS Newsflash – October 14, 2015


College Credit Plus - need important information from your district
The following message has been sent to Superintendents, High School Principals, and Guidance Counselors from the Ohio Department of Higher Education.
Thank you for your tremendous effort to ensure this first year of the College Credit Plus program is successful for your students. To date, some of the postsecondary institutions at which your students are enrolled have not received an SSID number from each of your College Credit Plus students attending their institutions.
The postsecondary institutions are required to include each SSID number in their submissions of data, in accordance with Ohio law (Ohio Administrative Code 3333-1-65.7(A)(5)).
Upon request from the postsecondary institution, please provide the SSID numbers as requested.
As you are reading this notice, the postsecondary institutions are being asked to provide the following to the EMIS coordinator or designee.
  1. A formal request for student SSID numbers, for the purpose of executing College Credit Plus requirements;
  2. A roster with names of students believed to be attending your district who are enrolled in College Credit Plus at the postsecondary institution, for which the postsecondary institution does not have an SSID number on file; and
  3. The postsecondary institution’s contact person’s name, title and phone or fax number so that SSID information can be provided in a secured fashion (not via email).
Please provide the requested information to the postsecondary institution within (10) school days after the date that you receive the above items constituting the request.