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EMIS Newsflash – October 16, 2013


FY14 October Reporting Collection Request Released Today
The Collection Request for the October reporting period is available today.  The availability of the Collection Request in the Data Collector constitutes the start of the October reporting period. 
We have attached the FY13 October Collection Request Release Notes to this e-mail.  The Release Notes will provide pertinent information about the October Collection Request. 
FY14 October Reporting EMIS Manual Updates
The following EMIS Manual sections have been updated and will be published to the ODE EMIS website over the next few days:           
  • 2.1  Student Records Overview
  • 2.4  Student Standing Record (FS)
  • 2.5  Student Attributes - Effective Date Record (FD)
  • 2.6  Student Attributes - No Date Record (FN)
  • 2.8  Student Assessment Record (FA)
  • 2.9  Student Program Record (GQ)
  • 3.1  Staff Records Overview
  • 3.2  Reporting Contracted Staff
  • 3.4  Staff Employment Record (CK)
  • 3.5  Contractor Staff Employment Record (CJ)
  • 3.9  Position Codes
  • 4.2  Course Master Record (CN)
  • 4.3  Staff Course Record (CU)
  • 4.4  Student Course Record (GN)
  • 4.5  Career-Technical Education Correlated Class Record (CV)
  • 4.7  Subject Codes
  • 5.3  Organization - General Information (DN)
Please refer to each section’s Revision History for details of the change(s).