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EMIS Newsflash – October 17, 2012


A New Financial Collection Request for FY12 Reporting was Released Today

The Collection Request for the FY12 Financial (H) reporting period is available today.  The availability of the Collection Request in the Data Collector constitutes the start of the FY12 Financial (H) reporting period.  We have attached the FY12 Financial Collection Request Release Notes to this e-mail.  The Release Notes will provide pertinent information about the Financial Collection Request. 

FY12 Processing Schedule Updated

The FY12 Processing Schedule has been updated and posted to the ODE EMIS web page; click here to go to the web page. 

Data Submission Requirements Document for FY12H Posted

The Data Submission Requirements document for the FY12 Financial (H) Reporting Period has been posted.  Look under “Data Submission Requirements” on the ODE EMIS web page. As usual, it lists all of the measures, the percents of measures required each date, scheduled payments dates, and percentages of payment to be withheld. 

Attachment - EMIS Release Notes 10/12/12