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EMIS Newsflash – October 19, 2020


Teacher and Staff Data in SDC
On Tuesday, October 20, the Secure Data Center (SDC) will begin to transition Teacher and Staff data from FY20 data to FY21 data. During this transition, the following Reports for Analysis subfolders will be unavailable:
  • Degree Profiles (Principal/Teacher),
  • Experience (Principal/Teacher), and
  • Teacher Certification.
If you need copies of these FY20 Reports for Analysis reports, you will need to copy them prior to October 20. When these reports become available for FY21, notification will be sent through an EMIS Newsflash and the Secure Data Center – Status of Reports will be updated.

On Tuesday, October 20, the SDC will have Teacher Salary Reports at the school and district levels to show the average and median salaries for teachers (Position codes 230, 212) as of current reporting for the current school year. These reports will update throughout the Initial Staff and Course (L) Collection, which is open through January 29, 2021.

Note. Proper Certification report card data come from the Initial Staff and Course (L) Collection; all other staff-related report card measures pull from the Final Staff and Course (L) Collection. The SDC reports currently visible can be used as a check on the teacher salaries reported so far this year. Refer to data submitted via your Staff Employment (CK) and Contractor Staff Employment (CJ) Records to review individual salaries submitted to EMIS.

FY20 Graduate & Prepared for Success and Graduate Cohort Appeals Open
Starting today, Monday, October 19, through Friday, October 30, superintendents of any district can review the Graduation data that was reported in EMIS during the FY20 school year. A superintendent who finds inaccurate data should submit an appeal by the deadline using the 2020 Data Appeal for Graduate & Prepared for Success and Graduate Cohort form. This form is available in the OH|ID portal (formerly SAFE). 

FY20 Graduate and Prepared for Success Data Review Open
Starting today through Monday, November 2, superintendents must complete a required review of their FY20 graduate and prepared for success data reported in EMIS. Superintendents must signify whether these data are accurate as they complete and submit the 2020 Data Review for Graduate and Prepared for Success form.  

EMIS Data Review and Verification forms are part of EMIS reporting described in Ohio Revised Code 3301.0714. Superintendents are legally required to review and certify the quality of data, as noted in Ohio Administrative Code 3301-14-01 (G). Failing to complete the process may trigger progressive sanctions as outlined in Ohio Administrative Code 3301-17.  

The superintendent, EMIS coordinator, and superintendent designee can access and fill out the data review forms. However, the forms are not officially submitted to the Department until the superintendent approves the form to complete the process.  

For more information about the data review window, timeline, and completion process, visit the EMIS Data Review & Verification webpage. For questions regarding data reviews, contact the Department's Office of Data Quality.