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EMIS Newsflash – October 24, 2016


Data review and appeal windows for 2016 funding data extended to Oct. 28
State law requires treasurers and superintendents to review funding data from EMIS and SOES/ODDEX and complete the FY2016 EMIS Data Review for Funding Report, which is in the Forms application in SAFE. The FY2016 Funding data review and appeal windows opened on Oct. 3. To allow additional time to review data, the deadline to complete these processes is being extended until Friday, Oct. 28.
Districts that find that they have reported inaccurate data that is impacting their funding should submit an appeal by the Oct. 28 deadline using the Fiscal Year 2016 Data Appeal for Funding form.
The treasurer and superintendent must both approve the Finance Data Review and Finance Data Appeals forms before the Department will consider them official. The treasurer must approve the forms first, and the superintendent or designee completes the process. For more information about the data review dates, timeline, and completion process, click here. For answers to questions about data review or data appeals, contact the Office of Data Quality.
The following reports are available to districts to assist in their review of the funding data:
  • Traditional and Joint Vocational School Districts
    • SFPR Payment Report Summary
    • SFPR Payment Detail Summary
    • Flags and errors that impact funding as shown in ODDEX
  • Community Schools
    • Detail Payment Report
    • Summary Payment Report
    • Community School Fatal Error Report
    • Flags and errors that impact funding as shown in ODDEX
  • Educational Service Centers
    • Gifted Report
    • Preschool Special Education Funding Transfer Report
  • County Boards of Developmental Disabilities
    • County Board of DD Report (Payment Report)
    • County Board of DD Preschool Special Ed Report (Preschool Report)
In addition, the following detailed Level 2 reports are available in the Data Collector for review. Since the collection request (FY16-S-SOES Final for community schools, FY16-S-TRAD Final for all others) that contains these reports is expired, users must uncheck “Don't show expired collections” on the Collection Requests tab to see the link to these reports:
  • (FTED-001) FTE Detail
  • (FTED-003) FTE Adjustments
  • (FTES-001) FTE Total by Fund Pattern
  • (FTES-002) FTE Total by Student and Fund Pattern
  • (FTES-003) FTE Total by Student
  • (FTES-004) FTE Summary of Students with Adjustments
Additional detailed reports and information related to CTE and College Credit Plus are forthcoming. Districts will be notified as soon as this additional information is available for review.