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EMIS Newsflash – October 3, 2014


Annualized FTE Enrollment – Reporting Percent of Time
Documentation clarifying Annualized FTE Enrollment has been posted to the Guidance on Schedule Change from Days to Hours page on ODE’s website. The document, which can be found on the bottom of the page, addresses percent of time reporting for situations such as alternative school programs, work release, home instruction and senior release time.
Early Learning Assessment
Corrections have been made to the ODE EMIS presentation materials from the OEDSA Conference. Slide numbers 16 and 17 have been changed to correctly reflect the new preschool assessment as the Early Learning Assessment.  ODE EMIS trainings that occurred at ITC locations between September 22 and October 1, 2014 should replace slide numbers 37 and 38 with the updated slides attached to this email. The presentation materials for the scheduled October 2 -10 trainings have already been updated.
FY14 Financials (H) Reporting Reopened
The FY14 H Collection has been reopened and will remain open through October 17, 2014 to allow districts and community schools that are either missing data or haven’t submitted data an opportunity to do so. When submitting financial data be sure to include all financial records since the new submission will replace previously reported data. Financial data is required for the Report Card, therefore all reporting entities are encouraged to review Gen Missing reports to determine if there are data issues that may require resubmission. 
Traditional districts are also strongly encouraged to review Expenditure by Category reports which now include building level allocation information. For questions or issues with these reports, districts may either add missing OPUs to the expenditures we are allocating (which in nearly all cases would force the expenditure to be attributed to a specific building in the district), or submit a help desk ticket if they believe there is an error in our application of the building allocation methodology.
New FY15 Five Year Forecast (P) – Required Reporting Collection Request 
The FY15 P – Required Reporting Collection has been released and will remain open through October 31, 2014. The FY15 P – Required Reporting Release Notes have been attached to this e-mail and will provide pertinent information about the collection request.