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EMIS Newsflash – October 8, 2014


Ohio District Data Exchange (ODDEX) now available
Users can now begin accessing the new Ohio District Data Exchange (ODDEX) at the following site:
The login information for this site is the user’s ODE SAFE account.  Note that this application will not appear in the application list when you log on to SAFE on the ODE web page.  Since the application is hosted outside of ODE at the State Software Development team, users must log in at the SSDT link above.
Access to the system is controlled by the OEDS roles assigned to your SAFE account.  Those with a Superintendent or Coordinator-EMIS role will have access by default.  Those with neither of these roles will need an additional role assigned by the district’s OEDS Administrator.  These roles have been documented in many presentations over the last several months, and additional documentation on these roles will be sent out later this week.
During the rollout of the ODDEX system, functions will be enabled one by one to assist with smooth operations and user learning.
At this time, the following functions are enabled:
  • Reviewing enrollment history for a student (includes current year enrollments for students also enrolled in your district this year, as well as the next enrollment of a student once they withdraw from your district)
  • Student Cross Reference (SCR) students submitted by your district can be viewed, but enrollment and other conflicts with other districts are not yet being generated
At this time, the following functions are not enabled:
  • Calendar review and approval
  • School Options Enrollment System (SOES) data review
  • Email notifications (email address and frequency can be configured, but emails are not yet being sent)
We will send notice via Newsflash as additional functions are enabled.