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EMIS Newsflash – September 11, 2014


Message to District Superintendents and Data Coordinators:
As you are aware, on Friday, Sept. 12, at approximately 11 a.m., the Ohio Department of Education will release the 2013-2014 Ohio School Report Cards. Thank you for your work to help us complete this project, as well as for the feedback you provided about the preliminary results made available via the Secure Data Center this week.
After reviewing the data, several districts realized they had inaccurately reported their K-3 literacy results. Since the K-3 literacy data for each school is used to calculate an average that then determines the letter grades, we have decided to delay assigning letter grades to districts for the K-3 literacy measure until we are confident any errors have been corrected. We will be reaching out to every district’s EMIS coordinator soon to start the process of validating data for this measure.
No other report card results are impacted by this and, as you know, the K-3 literacy measure is distinct from the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, which is not affected by this. While we would like to see every district’s grade for the K-3 literacy measure as quickly as possible, the need for accuracy is paramount. Also, while we are frustrated that there was inaccurate data reported to the department, we are grateful to those districts who stood up and reported their problems quickly to us to prevent their mistakes from unfairly impacting other districts.
As we move forward, all districts will be given an additional opportunity to review their K-3 literacy source data and to make updates if necessary. The department will be making sure that all districts fully understand this process and their reporting obligations under it. Additionally, the department will be reviewing guidance materials to make sure they are as clear as possible.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter as we work to ensure the accuracy of our 2014 report card.