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EMIS Newsflash – September 13, 2016


FY16 Spring Early Learning Assessment (A) Collection, v1
A new FY16 Spring Early Learning Assessment (A) Collection Request has been released. Please refer to the Release Notes for details.
EMIS is now on Twitter!
EMIS has a Twitter account! We are now on Twitter at @EMISOhio and #EMISOhio. You can find our account here.
With Twitter, we will be able to more quickly communicate breaking news regarding EMIS and EMIS-related systems. We will be able to send out a Tweet when, for instance, the SDC has been opened or closed, when a Collection has been posted, when there is a problem with a report, when a problem with a report has been resolved, and when there are other such happenings that may impact those in the field working with EMIS.
Please note that @EMISOhio will not replace any of the communications we already share with the field. Collections, for instance, will still be announced in a Newsflash. Twitter is merely an additional and more timely way for us to share this information with you.
@EMISOhio will only be used to push out alerts to the field. We will not be using this as a means of responding to questions. For those with EMIS questions, the contact hierarchy remains the same: EMIS Manual and EMIS website, EMIS Coordinator, ITC, EMIS Helpdesk, and finally, ODE EMIS via email or phone.
There will also be a Twitter feed available on our website. This feed will update each time a Tweet is sent out by @EMISOhio. Look for this to be available soon.
Note that you do not have to have a Twitter account in order to read our Tweets, though you will need to have an account to follow us. You can sign up for an account here.