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EMIS Newsflash – September 14, 2016


Districts Can Access Value-Added Results
The ODE Office of Communications and Outreach sent the following message to district superintendents.
As you know, the 2016 Ohio School Report Cards are expected to be released on Thursday, Sept. 15. 
In order to prepare the technical systems for the report card release, the department closed the Secure Data Center the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 13. With the exception of the 2016 Value-Added results, districts had the opportunity to review their district and building data and letter grades in the Secure Data Center prior to its closure. 
We understand that it is important for districts to see their 2016 Value-Added results before the public release. Therefore, the 2016 Value-Added letter grades are now available to district administrators in the Forms web application accessible through your SAFE account. 
To preview your district and building Value-Added letter grades, district administrators should log into SAFE and follow these steps:
  1. Select the “Forms” application.
  2. Select “District Document Exchange.” 
  3. Within the District Document Exchange, select the “Upload Documents” tab to find your district report. The Value-Added results will be included in a file with the following naming convention: “VA_NSC_091316_(your_district_irn).” 
  4. To view the report, click on the icon under the V column. This file will include the district’s and buildings’ Overall and subgroup Value-Added results, as well as report-only information on postsecondary enrollment and completion provided by the National Student Clearinghouse. 
More information about this file is available on the department’s website here.
The 2016 Progress component grades will be made available in the District Document Exchange on Wednesday, Sept. 14.