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EMIS Newsflash – September 17, 2015


Conflicts Now Being Generated in FY16 SCR
To view FY16 conflicts select SCR from the navigation bar, select 2016 from the year drop down, and use the find fields to select conflicts. Please note that the landing page will continue to reflect FY15 conflict counts as long as FY15 remains the default.
EMIS Manual Updates Published
The following FY15 EMIS Manual Sections have been published to ODE’s website this week: 
  • Section 2.8, Student Assessment Record (FA)
  • Section 4.3, Staff Course Record (CU)
  • Section 5.3, Organization – General Reporting (DN)
Please be sure to visit the EMIS Manual Page to view these sections as well as several others recently updated for FY15 and FY16.
Subscribe to EMIS Manual Page
You can now subscribe to the EMIS Manual page on ODE’s website to receive email notices through GovDelivery when updates to the EMIS Manual are published. 
Please note the red envelope displayed at the top and bottom of all ODE webpages. Clicking the red envelope allows you to quickly subscribe to key pages on ODE’s website. Once subscribed to a page, you will receive a message from GovDelivery anytime information on that page is updated or new information is added.
To subscribe to the EMIS Manual page, select “Education Management Information System (EMIS) Manual updates,” which appears at the very bottom of the list of options.