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EMIS Newsflash – September 29, 2015


FY15 Financial (H) Collection Closing Wednesday
This is a reminder that the FY15 H Collection is set to close this Wednesday, September 30, 2015.  As of yesterday there were about 100 entities that hadn’t yet submitted FY15 Financial data.
FY16 Student (S) Retention Collection Extended
The FY16 S Retention Collection has been extended one week to allow all EMIS reporting entities to submit retention status data for all students in KG and grades 1 -12.  The collection will now close on Friday, October 9, 2015. 
This collection is the only opportunity to report retention data for all grades. Districts are encouraged to submit their retention data even if they are receiving fatal errors for new students. As of yesterday morning about 300 entities hadn’t yet reported retention data. 
Updated FY16 SOES Flagging Information Published
Updated flagging information has been published to ODE’s website and will be of interest to anyone who works with SOES. 
The following email bulletin was sent to Community School Treasurers and Public District Treasurers last week:
FY16 Fata Flags & Data Quality Issues
Resident districts and community schools should be aware of several FY16 fatal flag and data quality updates that will be implemented on FY16 data in the next couple of weeks.  The following link provides additional detail and clarification on the topics outlined below:  FY16 Community School Flags and Data Quality Issues.
  • Updated fatal flags
  • How to address data quality issues
  • Automatic approval of existing student records
  • Impact on funding due to mission addresses in SOES. 
Please share this information with your EMIS and SOES Coordinators.