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EMIS Newsflash – September 5, 2017


Collection Request(s)
Please refer to the Release Notes for details regarding the following newly posted collection request(s).
  • FY17 Financial (H) Supplemental Collection, v1
Updated 2018 Graduation Cohort Reports
The 2018 graduation cohort reports have been updated to reflect the withdrawal/enrollment information reported through the end of the FY2017 school year. Additionally, two new reports that track student’s progress toward graduation for the SAT/ACT and Workkeys/Industry Credential graduation pathways have been released. Please view the EMIS website for file descriptions.
  • 2018_GRAD_Cohort-EOC-Asmnt_Detail
  • 2018_GRAD_Cohort-Non-EOC-Pts-Detail
  • 2018_GRAD_Cohort-EOC-Path-Req-Stat
  • 2018_GRAD_Cohort_SAT-ACT_Path_Req_stat
  • 2018_GRAD_Cohort_WK-IndCred_Path_Req_stat
Files Recently Distributed
New files have been copied out to the data collectors. Please see the file names and descriptions below. These descriptions can also be found on our website.
2018_GRAD_Cohort_SAT-ACT_Path_Req_stat_<file date>.xls
2018 Graduating Cohort ACT/SAT Pathway Details
This file contains the highest score earned for each student across all reported administrations of the ACT and/or SAT. The column will be blank if no score was earned for either test. Each student is evaluated against remediation free scores in Reading, Math, and English for the ACT, and Reading, Math, and Writing for the SAT. Finally, a yes/no field indicates if the remediation free requirement on at least one of the two tests has been met.
2018_GRAD_Cohort_WK-IndCred_Path_Req_stat_<file date>.xls
2018 Graduating Cohort Workkeys/Industry Credentials Pathway Details
This file contains the highest score from the Workkeys assessment, as well as information on all industry credentials earned by a student. The column will be blank if no score was earned or no credential obtained. Each student is evaluated against remediation free scores on the Workkeys exam and against a 12 point standard in a single career field for industry credentials. Finally, a yes/no field indicates if the Workkeys and Credentials requirements have been met.
SDC Now Open
The SDC is now open for review of many of the reports related to the FY17 Local Report Card data.

SDC Release Notes
SDC release notes are posted in a separate SDC Release Notes document on ODE’s website. The website provides a list of SDC reports, a high level description of whether or not each report is ready for district review, and any important additional details about the status of the report, including any known issues associated with the report as of the last date the website is updated.  
SDC Release Notes will also continue to be included in the EMIS Newsflashes that go out when the SDC is open.
SDC Release Notes as of September 5, 2017
Changes/Corrections since Aug 15, 2017: None.
Reports reflect all retention data reported to date, as well as, summer 3rd grade reading test vendor data.  Appeals for this data are due Wednesday, Sept. 6. See the Aug. 29, 2017 EMIS Newsflash for more information.