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EMIS Newsflash #2 – December 22, 2015


FTE Detail and Adjustments and CTE Report Update Status
Since this weekend, ODE has been experiencing a technical issue that is not allowing the FTE reports to complete.  Therefore, the data included in your FTE detail and adjustment reports still reflects the data submitted as of 5 pm on Thursday, December 17.  Our technical and database staff are actively working the issue, and we hope to be able to update these reports in the very near future.
Over the weekend, this issue also prevented the update of the CTE funding reports.  Last night, we were able to get far enough in the process to complete these updates.  The updated CTE data is in the final stages for publishing to the Data Collector; you should see updated reports for CTE that reflect the data submitted as of 5 pm on Monday, December 21 no later than this evening.
For both FTE and CTE reports, you can always see the data used for the reports as they currently exist in the Data Collector in a field (Source Data/Report Run Date) in the report.  Once we process a new submission from your district, the information in these columns will be updated.