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EMIS Newsflash #2 – January 7, 2016


Issue with Wednesday Night Run of D1 FTE Adjustments
We have discovered an issue with the D1 Overlapping Dates FTE adjustments in last night’s EMIS processing.  Staff are actively working to resolve the issue, and we hope to have the level 2 reports updated in your Data Collector by this afternoon.  We will communicate again once the corrections have been made.
D1 adjustments currently in the level 2 report should be ignored.  In addition, specific students with a D1 adjustment will not show the correct Actual FTE on the FTED-001 PayDet report.  Once we complete the fix, both reports will be corrected.  The nature of the issue is such that some students who should have a D1 adjustment are not showing with that adjustment, while others who should not have an adjustment may be showing with 0 FTE.
Spring Grade 3 Reading Assessment Missing Report Now Available
A new version of the Grade 3 Spring Reading collection request has been released.  It now includes the additional missing reports for this set of assessments.  Additional missing reports should be released later today and this evening.