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EMIS Newsflash #2 – July 19, 2012


Yearend Data for Report Card- Close Extended to July 24

The following message is on its way out from ODE to all Superintendents and Treasurers on ODE’s list serves for these groups.  We will be sharing additional information with EMIS coordinators on data submission opportunities post-July 24 (for non-report card related data) via another Newsflash later today. 

Deadline for Report Card Data Submission

Thanks to the hard work of your EMIS Coordinator and Information Technology Center (ITC), ODE is seeing great progress in the quality of the year-end report card data submitted by local school districts. Because better data means ODE can create the report card more efficiently, we are pleased to announce that we are extending the Period N (yearend) EMIS report card final submission date to Tuesday, July 24, 2012.  This extension should benefit those districts and community schools that still are actively working on their data. Within the EMIS collection system, data must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Tuesday.  Data submitted after the deadline will not be included in the report card.