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EMIS Newsflash #2 – June 30, 2016


Fall 2015 Geometry and/or Integrated Math II Tests
Please note: The following message was emailed to districts earlier today.

To District Test Coordinators Who Administered Geometry and/or Integrated Math II Tests in Fall 2015:
At its June meeting, the State Board of Education finalized the performance standards for the state English language arts and mathematics tests. The final performance standards include some revisions to those originally proposed for the high school geometry and integrated math II tests.

Who is affected? Any student who took a geometry and/or math II test in the fall 2015 administration.
What to do? If you have any student affected, you should:
  1. Download the updated test result data files from the vendor’s website on or after July 1, 2016, for these two tests.
  2. Submit your EMIS test data report with the updated data. If you had already submitted the data early, you still need to submit the updated scores to replace the old scores.
Other test data from fall 2015 were not affected. Spring 2016 test data files are produced with the State Board-finalized performance standards.
If you have any question on the data files, please contact Ohio Help Desk at (877) 231-7809. For EMIS-related questions, EMIS coordinators can submit a Help Desk ticket through the normal process, or non-EMIS coordinators can contact the EMIS team directly at
Fall End of Course State Assessment (A) Collection extended
To facilitate the required re-reporting of Geometry and Math II test results, the Fall End of Course State Assessment (A) Collection (2016AGEFL) will remain open until July 29.