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EMIS Newsflash - July 19, 2013


SDC Now Open

The Secure Data Center (SDC) has been updated with data submitted as of Thursday evening and is now open for data verification.  

SDC Release Notes

Corrected Issues:

Gap Closing reports – Corrected an issue that appeared this week where the Grade was being demoted when it should not have been demoted.

Gap Closing reports – When a building was new this year the calculations were not correct because of not having data for the prior year. 

Known Issues Being Researched:

The new additional performance level for accelerated students for the performance index has not been implemented yet.  When implemented, this process will increase the performance level of an accelerated student who scores proficient or higher by one performance level for the performance index calculation.  If the student scored at the “Advanced” performace level the student’s level would be increased to a new category (Advanced Plus) for the purpose of calculating the performance index. 

End of Reporting Period Submission Note

Today is the final day for the FY2013 Yearend reporting period.  Districts will be able to submit data until midnight tonight; we will delay our weekend processing until after midnight to capture any submission that happens before midnight.