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EMIS Newsflash - June 20, 2013


SDC Now available

The SDC is now available to districts and has been updated with FY2013 Yearend student and testing information. 

SDC Release Notes

Corrected Issues:


Known Issues Being Researched:


Updated Data Submission Requirements Document for FY13N Posted

An updated Data Submission Requirements document for the FY13 Yearend (N) Reporting Period has been posted.  Look under “EMIS Accountability” on the old ODE EMIS web page or under Reporting Responsibilities on the new ODE EMIS web page here. The dates were updated to move the Initial Warning date to Friday, June 21st.

Updated EMIS Manual Section 2.6 Student Attributes – No Date Record (FN) Published 

Please refer to Version 3.0 Revision History for details of the change(s).