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EMIS Newsflash - June 3, 2013 #2


5 Year Forecast Collection Request for Optional FY13 Reporting Released Today

A new 5 Year Forecast Collection Request for FY13 is available today.  This new collection request allows optional 5 Year Forecast submissions through August 16, 2013.  During this time districts have the opportunity to update and re-submit their 5 Year Forecast information if necessary.  Even though this is a separate collection request, any updates to the 5 Year Forecast submitted through this collection request will be displayed on the 5 Year Forecast web page in place of any previously submitted 5 Year Forecast submission.
We have attached the 5 Year Forecast Collection Request Release Notes to this e-mail.  The Release Notes will provide pertinent information about the Collection Request. 

FY13 Processing Schedule Updated

The FY13 Processing Schedule has been updated and posted to the ODE EMIS web page; click here to go to Reporting Responsibilities on the new ODE EMIS web page.  The end date for FY12G, start and end dates for FY13D, start and end dates for FY13N, start date for Yearend Non-LRC Supplemental, start date for FY13G and end date for FY13H have been updated.

Updated Data Submission Requirements Document for FY13N Posted

An updated Data Submission Requirements document for the FY13 Yearend (N) Reporting Period has been posted.  Look under “EMIS Accountability” on the old ODE EMIS web page or under Reporting Responsibilities on the new ODE EMIS web page here. The dates were updated to move the Initial Warning date to reflect the actual opening of the reporting period and one Out of Compliance date was removed.


EMIS Release Notes 2013-0603 fY13P.pdf