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EMIS Newsflash - October 31, 2019


FY20 Initial Staff/Course (L) Collection, v2
Please refer to the Release Notes for details regarding this newly posted collection request.

Extended: FY19 CTE Assessments Data Appeal
The FY19 CTE Assessments Data Appeal—originally scheduled to close on Wednesday, November 6—has been extended and will now close on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. For appeals that are approved, the opportunity to resubmit corrected data will now end on Tuesday, November 26, 2019.

Reminder: November 2019 ODE ITC EMIS Trainings Start Soon
A reminder that the November 2019 ODE ITC EMIS Training sessions are coming up. A revised schedule is posted on our website and includes a new date of Monday, December 2 for the NCOCC session. Some of the topics to be discussed during these sessions include the new EMIS Change Process, CCP payment responsibility, career tech-related items, and court vs. foster reporting.

New EMIS Change Process Webpages
The new EMIS change process includes webpages to share change information with the field. The EMIS Changes page includes information about FY20 changes. This includes all scheduled changes, as well as all completed and released changes. These changes are ordered by scheduled release date.
At the top of the EMIS Changes page, there is a link to the EMIS Change FAQs. Expect this FAQ to grow as we continue to refine the new change process. Very soon there will also be a link to FY21 EMIS changes.
There is also a mailing list that will allow you to be notified when changes are made to one of these pages. To sign up for this list, click the red envelope at the top or bottom of any Department webpage. Once you enter your email address on the Email Updates page and click Submit, you will see a long list of Subscription Topics. Scroll down to the Education Management Information System section and mark the checkbox next to “EMIS Change updates.” Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit. You will then be signed up to receive an email alerting you whenever updates are made to these pages.