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Newsflash: EMIS training videos and more!


Starting today, there are a number of new resources, pages, and features on the EMIS website. These have been developed in response to work done by the EMIS Advisory Council and its workgroups as well as other feedback from the field. Each of these new resources is briefly described below. Note that each title is a link to the relevant webpage.

EMIS Alliance Training
This new page includes a brief explanation of the EMIS Alliance and the training provided. You will also find a link to the EMIS Alliance materials and training calendar on this page.
EMIS Learning Library
This new webpage is meant to be a hub to bring together key resources, reporting guidance, and training materials. Understanding how much is available on the EMIS website, the EMIS Learning Library will help people to more readily find the materials they need. Bookmarking this one page will place all of these resources at your fingertips.
If you’ve worked with EMIS for even a day, you know that EMIS has a language all its own. To help make sense of it all, we’ve created an EMIS Glossary. Note that the printer symbol at the bottom of the page will allow you to print a copy of the Glossary.
Though previously announced, the EMIS Roundup is included here as it is a new feature on the EMIS website. This page includes a summary of EMIS communications over the previous 4 weeks.
Training Videos
To assist with the understanding of EMIS and EMIS reporting, we have created a number of EMIS Training Videos. These first videos introduce viewers to some of the most helpful EMIS-related resources as well as some EMIS basics. Watch for more videos to be added.