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Know! What’s Hidden in Plain Sight

GettyImages-623768150-1.jpgWould you know if your child was experimenting with or using drugs? Would you be able to spot the clues? Hidden in Plain Sight is an awareness program for parents and other adults that helps uncover signs of trouble.


Know! To Foster Empathy for Bullying Prevention

GettyImages-114333743-1.jpgIn a previous tip, Know! The End of Bullying Begins With YOU, we learned that more than one in five students reported being bullied. Regardless of what position a child is in - a target, bully, or bystander – they are at an increased risk for a variety of mental health and behavioral problems, including substance abuse.


EMIS Newsflash – October 14, 2019

FY20 DPR Growth Assessment (A) Collection, v1
FY20 Child Outcome Summary Assessment (A) Collection, v1
Data Appeal Window Open for 2019 CTE Assessments Data
EMIS ITC Conference Call Notes


EMIS Newsflash – October 10, 2019

FY20 Fall Third Grade ELA and Reading Assessment (A) Collection, v1
New Webpage for EMIS Changes
Files Recently Distributed


EMIS Newsflash – October 8, 2019

FY20 SOES Beginning of Year Student (S) Collection, v2
FY20 OGT Assessment (A) Collection, v1
SDC Release Notes as of October 7, 2019

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