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EMIS Newsflash - June 25, 2013

SDC Login Issue Resolved


EMIS Newsflash - June 24, 2013

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ODE bus driver training provides realism to special needs evacuation drills

Each June for the past 35 years, the Ohio Department of Education has provided required advanced training for school bus drivers, transportation directors and other student transportation drivers. The training is a mix of classroom discussion and hands-on exercises covering driving, student safety on and off the bus, and emergency evacuation.


EMIS Newsflash - June 20, 2013

SDC Now Available
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Updated Data Submission Requirements Document for FY13N Posted
Updated EMIS Manual Section 2.6 Student Attributes – No Date Record (FN) Published



EMIS Newsflash - June 19, 2013

  • SDC Now Available
  • SDC Release Notes

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