2016 Milken Educator Award Winner in Ohio

The Milken Family Foundation National Educator Awards program honors outstanding teachers and administrators in 48 states, including Ohio, and the District of Columbia. Awards are presented to elementary (grades K-5) and secondary (grades 6-12) school educators in alternate years. Each Milken Educator receives an unrestricted award of $25,000.


Teacher Tiffany Tynes Curry experienced the honor of a lifetime January 24 at Weinland Park Elementary School in Columbus, where she received the Milken National Educator Award before an audience of her students, fellow teachers and district and state officials.

An initiative of the Milken Family Foundation, the Milken National Educator Award honors outstanding teachers across the country with $25,000 in unrestricted cash. Tynes Curry is the only Milken National Educator Award winner from Ohio this year, and she’s among the up to 35 teachers nationally who will receive this recognition for 2016-2017.

2016 Milken Educator

Tiffany Tynes Curry

TynesCurry_Milken_hs.jpgWhen you were eight years old, could you develop your own mathematical theories? Work with manipulatives? Explain your mathematical methodology to other students? Could you do it now?

Tiffany Tynes Curry’s third graders at Weinland Park Elementary School in Columbus can pull it off easily. They seem to have the mathematical “right stuff,” and they’re even passing their skills on to pre-K students they work with at their school.

Part of Tynes Curry’s success comes from serving both the scholastic and social needs of her students. While giving them academic and social leadership opportunities like teaching younger students, she also periodically shares pizza lunches with them in her classroom. When she was a teaching coach for Columbus City Schools, she launched “Intervention Fridays,” a chance for students to talk with their teachers about academic struggles, including understanding the current lesson.

Weinland Park is a pre-K through fifth-grade school serving largely African-American students. The vast majority of youngsters are from low-income homes. But this gifted teacher is changing the trajectories of students’ lives. Weinland Park’s fourth-graders turn in the highest performance in the division for math and science, due in large part to the foundation Tynes Curry lays with them in third grade. If they stay on track, these students will graduate from high school with academic skills that spell certain success in college and employment.

Tynes Curry also is passionate about teaching educators. She coaches colleagues, participates in The Ohio State University’s ASPIRE program to support new educators, and does teacher professional development for Columbus City Schools and other districts.

For more information about the award's history, goals and recipients, and to see photos of this year's national conference and award winners, visit the Milken Family Foundation website.  

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