Schools of Promise Booklet

All students can achieve at high levels...

And yet, not all groups of students have succeeded in our educational system. We see substantial gaps in achievement among different groups of students at every level of Ohio’s educational system, especially for low-income students and students of color. Research tells us that if we close these gaps and generate high achievement for all groups of students, Ohio’s economy will benefit significantly, and our students, families and communities will enjoy a better quality of life.

These gaps in achievement don’t have to exist. Experience and a growing body of research tell us that when students don’t perform well, it’s more about the quality of teaching and learning in schools than it is about the child’s background. We have direct evidence that proves this.

Each year in Ohio, we identify schools that are helping all demographic groups of students achieve, even when more than 40 percent of the students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.

We find these Schools of Promise in rural Appalachia, in our urban centers and in our small towns and suburbs. Students in these schools not only meet state standards – they exceed them. Our Schools of Promise send the message to the 1.8 million students in Ohio that where you live doesn’t determine the quality of your education. And they tell the 117,000 teachers in our classrooms that no matter where you teach, your students can succeed. These schools are a resource for any educator or administrator who is interested in improving student achievement for all populations of students.

As we spread the word about these promising schools and their best practices, we hope to ensure that all of Ohio’s children will receive the rich education they deserve in a democracy. In a fiercely competitive global marketplace, our students need advanced knowledge and skills to prepare them for 21st century workplace demands. 

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