Talent Pool Recommendations Sought

Dear County and District Superintendents, Building Principals, and Charter School Administrators:


As you may know, the Ohio Department of Education maintains a file of exceptional education leaders that consists of distinguished teachers and principals. These educators may be considered for membership on advisory boards and task forces as well as candidates for special recognition programs. We are requesting recommendations to identify educators who will be of great value to your community and state and who may ultimately receive prestigious recognition.

We are very fortunate to have a rich base of veteran educators represented in our current talent pool. They have been and continue to be a valuable resource in our state efforts. What is particularly lacking at this time is representation from middle and high school educators relatively new to the profession who demonstrate unusual instructional and leadership ability. Such persons exhibit strong potential for professional leadership and inspiring presence that impacts students, colleagues, and community.

Do you know a relatively new educator who is illustrative not only of our state’s, but also the nation’s best? Someone whose lessons provide models for others and who has distinguished him or herself above and beyond established top-quality professionals in many of our schools? A minimum of five years in education is a must. Candidates are typically classroom teachers, as opposed to specialists, and are recognized by peers and supervisors as unique in their leadership and results with students. However, principals and specialists are considered as well. Previous recognition is not required. In fact, of special interest are educators who are outstanding but have not received other recognition.

Please provide CONFIDENTIAL, succinct, and specific information regarding one to five candidates on the recommendation form. All questions must be answered, preferably typewritten. Please include a one-page narrative with this form that addresses how the candidate meets the criteria mentioned in this letter and also a resume from their personnel file. We ask that you keep this recommendation confidential and do not share it with the individual. We know you are busy individuals. If necessary, please assign the request to an associate. Complete information must be sent via e-mail or mail to: 

Angela M. Dicke
Ohio Department of Education
Mail Stop 505 / 25 South Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Talent Pool Recommendation Form

I highly encourage you to recommend candidates. Your cooperation and assistance are greatly appreciated.

Angela M. Dicke

Last Modified: 5/19/2017 10:44:19 AM