Regional Data Leads

Regional Data Leads

Regional Data Leads are education professionals who promote the use of student performance data among other educators regionally, both to strengthen professional practice and improve learning for all students. Regional Data Leads have extensive training and experience with Value-Added, as well as a broad range of data and reports resulting from Ohio’s accountability systems and educator effectiveness programs. They foster a culture of data reliance by promoting a consistent understanding of education data through offering technical assistance to school administrators and teachers.

Regional Data Leads are located at educational service centers (ESCs) and state support teams (SSTs) throughout the state. At the SST, services from Regional Data Leads are available for priority schools and districts. At ESCs, services from Regional Data Leads are available to all districts and community schools based on partnerships between ESCs and local districts.

Use the map below or the accompanying spreadsheet to locate and contact Regional Data Leads in your area to discuss your data understanding and use needs.

Regional Data Leads Locations


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