Early Childhood Education Funding Awards 2015-2016

The Office for Early Learning & School Readiness presented a webinar for new grantees on October 16, 2015. 

Watch the webinarView printable slides from webinar

Ohio’s General Assembly increased the state’s investment in high-quality early learning preschool services when the governor signed into law House Bill 64, which allocated an additional $15 million to the early childhood education program for Fiscal Year 2016. This program will help an additional 3,675 children receive high-quality preschool during the 2015 – 2016 academic school year.

In order to ensure children are served as quickly as possible this school year, the new funds were awarded to existing high-quality early learning programs within high-needs areas of the state who can immediately serve children.  

These resources will allow Ohio to serve additional children that otherwise would not have access to high-quality preschool experiences. 

Last Modified: 11/24/2015 2:01:00 PM