Early Language and Literacy Reflection Tool

The Early Language and Literacy Reflection Tool is designed to help teachers evaluate and improve their literacy environment and classroom practices across the content areas. It also supports the Early Learning Program Guidelines Section 2, Outcome 1, Goals 2 and 3.

This tool should be used for self-reflection to:

  • Identify current literacy practices:
  • Examine the language and literacy environment before or after a formal ELLCO observation:
  • Take a critical look at the classroom environment.

Regardless of the option, the goal should be to identify strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of best practices. The tool also can be used by administrators in collaboration with teachers as an aid in determining direct technical assistance needs, and through coaching or mentoring to help teachers develop and implement action plans for improving their practices.

Last Modified: 11/13/2013 1:41:15 PM