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February 2017 Articles

A new edition of the Early Learning Program Updates, posted here, provides important information for data managers, program & school leaders, test coordinators, and teachers. 

Thank you for all the work you do to support student learning in Ohio.


Clarifying and Revising New Requirements for All ODE-Licensed Providers

On February 10, 2017, you received a memorandum that contained inaccurate information about Ohio’s plans to no longer allow families to cite reasons of conscience for declining immunizations. The purpose of this memorandum is to clarify how the Ohio Department of Education, in close coordination with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, will address reasons of conscience over the coming months.

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Ohio Professional Registry – New Registration Guidelines for Programs Coming Soon!

The Ohio Professional Registry (OPR) is developing new Registration Guidelines for all professionals in ODE-licensed preschool programs. All professionals must maintain a profile in OPR. The OPR is a centralized information system for individuals in Ohio who are employed in the field of early childhood education, including ODE-licensed preschool programs. If you do not have an OPR Profile, create one here

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How to Sign Up for the Early Learning Newsletter

We have put together a Quick Start Guide for How to Sign up for the Early Learning Newsletter based on requests from the field. This handout can be shared electronically or in print with anyone who might benefit from the Early Learning Newsletter, including any early childhood education staff or colleagues and interested families or community members. We hope that these directions might help you support others in the field who are not yet connected to the Early Learning Newsletter. 

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New Dear Colleague Letter Addressing Least Restrictive Environment in Preschool

In January, the U.S. Department of Education released a “Dear Colleague Letter” that reaffirms their position on Least Restrictive Environment in Preschool. All young children with disabilities should have access to inclusive high-quality early childhood programs where they are provided with individualized and appropriate supports to enable them to meet high expectations. This new “Dear Colleague Letter” amplifies the vision set by the September 2015 U.S. Joint Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Education policy statement on promoting inclusion in early childhood programs and provides guidance to States, local education agencies, and public and private early childhood programs.  

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Preschool Special Education Ratio Clarification Webinar

The Ohio Department of Education provided a policy clarification regarding the ratio in preschool special education classrooms during a webinar recorded on Nov. 10, 2016.  While this is not a new rule or a change in policy, the Office for Early Learning and School Readiness covers questions from school leaders and educators about the implementation of the rule in this webcast recording.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about ratio in preschool special education classrooms. 

Send questions to preschoolspecialeducation@education.ohio.gov

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