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Early Learning Program Updates

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October 2016 Articles

A new edition of the Early Learning Program Updates, posted here, provides important information for data managers, program & school leaders, test coordinators, and teachers. 

Thank you for all the work you do to support student learning in Ohio.


Early Learning Assessment - Administration

Fall 2016 programs that are serving Early Childhood Education or Preschool Special Education funded children are required to use and report Ohio's Early Learning Assessment 10-Required Learning Progressions on these funded children using the paper assessment. Any Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) 3-5 star rated programs may attend training on the assessment, and begin using the assessment following successful completion of the training.

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Early Learning Assessment - Bridge Form

The Bridge Form bridges the gap between the paper and pencil administration of the Early Learning Assessment (ELA) and the online submis­sion of data to EMIS and EAS. Programs will use the Bridge Document until the full Ready for Kindergarten Online System (KReady) is open to all programs in Ohio. 

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Early Learning Assessment - Reporting of Reason Codes

When scoring the Early Learning Assessment, there are cases when a teacher will not be able to determine a score for a child on a skill, knowledge or behavior. In these cases, the teacher will enter an “N” score in the bridge document for the unscored skill, knowledge or behavior. A score of “N” will then be calculated at the Learning Progression level within the Bridge Document

Programs are required to enter a reason code anytime a Learning Progression score of “N” is reported. There are a number of reason codes to select from within EMIS or EAS if an “N” score is reported for a Learning Progression. A list of the allowable reason codes, and an explanation of what they mean, can be found in the table below. Currently, there is no column on the bridge document that is available to record reason codes. As a result, programs must develop an internal communication process to assure that teachers are accurately reporting reason codes to their EMIS coordinator or the individual responsible for uploading student data in EAS, anytime an “N” score is reported for a Learning Progression.

Only one reason code can be reported for each Learning Progression and score of “N”. If multiple Learning Progressions are scored as an “N”, a different reason code can be selected for each “N” score.

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Early Learning Assessment - Welcome to Preschool

Ohio’s Early Learning Assessment (ELA) is a tool for teachers of preschool age children to learn about the current level of each child’s skills, knowledge and behaviors in the areas of Social Foundations, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Well-Being and Motor Development, as well as the Fine Arts.

To help explain the ELA we have prepared a Welcome to Preschool handout that programs can use with stafffamilies, and the community to share the who, what, when and how of the ELA. 

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FREE preschool vision screening training and equipment opportunities!

Prevent Blindness has a Fall 2016 schedule of preschool vision screening trainings.  Please promote these trainings with your staff and colleagues.  These trainings are free of charge, thanks to a grant from the Save Our Sight Fund, and are appropriate for health care and allied healthcare professionals, child care/day care providers, school nurses, public health professionals and community volunteers to attend.  Upon successful completion of the training, each individual is eligible to receive a free set of vision screening equipment (over a $350 value).  

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