School Age Literacy Bags

School Age Literacy Bags

Beach Bags

With two sets of free materials – Beach Bags and Camp INFOhio – parents now have more fun ways to keep their children learning at home this summer. We encourage schools and teachers to make links to these materials available to their parents – or print the short handouts for families’ home use.

The Beach Bags for kindergarten through grade 3 feature stories and activities, so children can practice reading skills while learning about careers and helping the environment. The Beach Bags are:

Back to School Bags

BacktoSchoolBagGrade1Autumn-1.jpgFour new Back to School Bags supporting early literacy as well as science, math and social studies standards are now available at no charge through INFOhio and the Ohio Department of Education.

Each Back to School Bag focuses on a specific theme:

Each bag contains:

  • A unit lesson plan clearly linked to Ohio's Learning Standards using INFOhio's online resources;
  • Ideas for matching teaching to the learning needs of students and for improving students' tech skills for online testing;
  • Ideas for assessment along with ready-made rubrics and graphic organizers; and
  • Suggested activities and picture books for further reading and study.

Blizzard Bags

Camp INFOhio contains five days of reading, activities and experiments centered on topics related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math). Kids can try their hands at code breaking, conducting science experiments with items they find in their kitchens, learning about roller coasters before designing their own and creating their own musical instruments. 

Most of us are hoping for only light snow this winter, but INFOhio is helping prepare for the worst with INFOhio’s Blizzard Bags for K-12. The four bags focus on the following themes:

Each Blizzard Bag includes:

  • A complete customizable research unit;
  • Standards-aligned, cross-curricular options;
  • A teacher guide;
  • Low-tech and high-tech options;
  • Differentiation tips;
  • Templates for lesson customization;
  • Material for in-class instruction or home exploration; and
  • Recommendations for assessments, including standards-aligned rubrics.

Although the Blizzard Bags for the different grade bands center on different themes, they all support Ohio’s Learning Standards, especially research standards. Following the Dimensions of Inquiry, students create and explore essential questions, locate and evaluate information, apply and share information with others, and reflect on their learning.


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