Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Comparison Study

Ohio is doing a study this fall that compares the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment-Literacy (KRA-L) to the new Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. The department invites districts to voluntarily participate in the study.

Comparability Study Purpose

The study will compare the language and literacy component of the new Kindergarten Readiness Assessment to the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment-Literacy. The data will show the comparable scores and proficiency rates on the two assessments.


The study includes district or building level participation. If one or more buildings in a district are interested in participating, please complete this brief online form. From the list of districts and buildings that volunteer, the department will select districts/buildings based on demographic criteria to ensure the sample represents Ohio kindergarten demographics.

Study Procedures

The study will take place between Aug. 11 and Nov. 1, 2014. Districts or schools will recruit students for the study. Schools that agree to participate will:

  1. Recruit a minimum specified number of students from the incoming kindergarten population. These students will represent certain demographic characteristics.
  2. Administer the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment-Literacy to the identified students following the same procedures and timeline used in previous years.
  3. Collect Kindergarten Readiness Assessment-Literacy scores for the select group of students using the Excel template provided.
  4. Submit the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment-Literacy scores for each district in a single Excel file to the Ohio Department of Education no later than Oct. 31.
  5. Administer the new Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. This is required for all first-time public kindergarten students statewide.

Important Note: A single individual cannot serve as the assessment administrator for both assessments with the same student. 

Additional Information

The following information is public: 1) a list of districts that participate in the study and 2) the results of the study only at the building or district levels. There will not be a public report of about how individuals, classes, buildings and districts perform on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment-Literacy. Buildings that participate will have access to the raw student data from both assessments. Schools will not receive data with building or district level analysis.

Timeline Activity
Aug. 11 – Aug. 29 Building/District completes and submits online application to participate
Rolling within three business days of application

Ohio Department of Education notifies districts and buildings of accepted/not accepted status.

Ohio Department of Education sends accepted buildings electronic Excel template for recording and submitting student score information.
Aug. 11 (but no sooner than four weeks prior to first day of school) –Oct. 1

Building/District administers Kindergarten Readiness Assessment-Literacy (KRA-L) to participating students.

Building/District records score for each item on the Excel template.
First day of school through Nov. 1 Building/District completes the new Kindergarten Readiness Assessment for all students enrolled in kindergarten for the first time.
By Nov. 3 Building/District uploads KRA-L data template completed for all study participants to secure site.
By March 31, 2015 Ohio Department of Education posts study results online at

Contact Sophie Hubbell at or 641-728-9435 with any questions about this study.

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