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EMIS Newsflash – September 25, 2018

FY18 Graduation (G) Collection, v3
FY19 Initial Staff/Course (L) Collection, v1
Graduation Cohort Reports
September/October 2018 ODE ITC EMIS Training – Skype


Know! The End of Bullying Begins With YOU

GettyImages-521086056-1.jpgWondering why we hear so much about bullying? Because there’s way too much of it going on and it’s a huge problem for everyone involved.


EMIS Newsflash – September 24, 2018

FY19 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (A) Collection, v1
FY19 Fall Early Learning Assessment (A) Collection, v1
Extended: FY18 Career Tech Accountability Assessment (A) Collection


EMIS Newsflash – September 20, 2018

September/October 2018 ODE ITC EMIS Training Sessions


EMIS Newsflash – September 18, 2018

Data Appeal Window Open for 2018 Funding Data
Data Review and Appeal Windows Open for 2018 Financial Data


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