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Extension of Deadline for Annual Licensing Inspection Visit


DATE:            April 29, 2020
TO:                 Ohio Department of Education-Licensed Preschool and School-Age Child Care Administrators
FROM:           Wendy Grove, PhD, Director, Office of Early Learning and School Readiness
RE:                 Extension of Deadline for Annual Licensing Inspection Visit
The state superintendent of public instruction has used his authority under Section 17 (I) of House Bill 197 to approve an extended deadline for the completion of annual inspections for preschools or school-age child care programs licensed by the Ohio Department of Education, as stated in Ohio Revised Code 3301.57:  
“the department of education, at least once during every twelve-month period of operation of a preschool program or a licensed school child program, shall inspect the program and provide a written inspection report to the superintendent of the school district, county board of developmental disabilities, community school, or eligible nonpublic school.”
If your Ohio Department of Education-licensed preschool or school-age child care program was due for an inspection but has not yet had one, please expect further communication from the Department confirming when on-site inspection visits will resume. As a reminder, the licensing inspection is an unannounced visit by an Ohio Department of Education licensing specialist and can happen at any time the program is in operation.
If you have any questions about this communication or the extended deadline for your annual licensing inspection, please email or call (614) 502-7535.