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Family and Community Engagement


Family and community engagement is key to improving outcomes for students, families and schools. Subscribe to our new topic, Family and Community Engagement, to receive updates and information about family and community engagement in Ohio. Family and Community Engagement offers tools, technical assistance and topics for families, education programs and community organizations to work together to help children and youth learn, grow and prepare for their future.
Ohio’s Every Student Succeeds Act state plan, and Each Child, Our Future: Ohio’s Strategic Plan for Education both highlight partnership with families and stakeholders as a “core principle.” As Ohio implements their ESSA plan and launches Each Child, Our Future, the Department and our partners must support birth to grade 12 education programs as they plan and implement effective family and community engagement practices.
By January 1, 2020, the Ohio Department of Education is committed to:
  1. Establishing a definition of family engagement;
  2. Deploying a birth to graduation family engagement framework developed with a coalition of state agencies and partners and driven by meaningful stakeholder input; and
  3. Creating sustainable technical assistance to support local agencies in this work.
The Ohio Department of Education has joined the Council of Chief State School Officers consortium on family engagement along with eight other states. Ohio will receive consultation from the council and their partners to link family engagement to equity, school improvement, and literacy.
The Department has also partnered with The Ohio State University which is now home to the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center. This opportunity allows Ohio to create a technical assistance and training center dedicated to supporting family engagement efforts including direct training and resources to families and school personnel.