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KRA App Update


It appears that some school's network filters are identifying the KReady servers as "malicious" and blocking "bad" requests. 
Due to the wide range of filtering software available, we are starting with the generalized guide below to help. Once you are able to successfully configure your filtering software, it would be helpful if you would share your steps so that can be passed along to other districts and schools.
As part of your configuration, please explicitly allow ANY HTTPS/SSL connection, GET or otherwise, to, preferably to *.kready,org.
This needs to be an "allow rule" based on SSL/HTTPS certificate as our IP addresses may change due to the nature of how our load-balancing and scaling works, thus we cannot guarantee that the IP addresses will remain the same. As long as your browsers are up-to-date, they will support SNI requests and handle this properly. This might require you to set your HTTPS filtering Level to NONE for the Kready Domain.
If your filtering software does not support this, you will need to either:
  • make some changes to local DNS and/or proxy settings
  • remove restrictions to the KReady domain altogether
Should you want to create a temporary IP based access rule in the meantime, you may use these IP addresses:
Again, note that these IP addresses could change at any time.
Please share your feedback by sending an email to 
We appreciate your patience and help in this matter.