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Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised Summer 2020 Update



In the 2020-2021 school year, public districts and schools are required to administer the new Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised (KRA-R) to all first-time Kindergarten students. The KRA-R is significantly shorter, comprised of items from the previous version rather than brand new items. This replaces the KRA that was used in kindergarten classrooms from 2014 – 2019.  This article provides information about the administration window, teacher training, KRA-R kits, upcoming data manager training opportunities, updates to the KRA-R Individual Student Report (ISR) and where to find additional information. Please check the website for current and changing information around testing and assessment. 

Schools should use locally available resources to support understanding of where students are while supporting teachers in administering the KRA-R. This understanding then will help inform their differentiated approaches to instruction.  

The ongoing health crisis of COVID-19 continues to leave education stakeholders with questions.  The Department will continue to provide updates on state testing as they become available. 

The KRA-R offers flexibility in scheduling as districts have the option to begin the administration of KRA-R selected response and performance task items up to two weeks prior to the first day of kindergarten. The administration window closes on Nov. 1. Schools and districts will want to carefully consider the timing of administering the KRA-R, allowing educators to first focus on building relationships with students while still assessing educational needs relatively early in the school year. Assessing where students are within a three- to six-week window of starting school may provide appropriate balance.  

KRA-R Teacher Trainings 
The KRA teacher trainings for public and community schools are facilitated by state trainers from the Office of Early Learning and School Readiness. Educators can search and register for events in STARS using the keyword search term kra or krar . Training events are scheduled now through the end of August and additional dates may be added in September if needed.  

This training is required for teachers who will be administering the KRA-R during the 2020-2021 school year who have not previously completed a KRA training. Only kindergarten teachers who have not previously been trained on the KRA should register. Teachers who have previously completed trainings should not take this training. Topics covered will include the purpose of the assessment, the structure of the assessment, preparing for administration, using the KReady online technology system, scoring items, test security, administration for students with disabilities, administration for English Learners.  

KRA-R Updates for Returning Kindergarten Teachers
Two resources have been prepared for teachers who have previously completed a KRA training for a prior year administration.
  1. An online KRA-R Teacher Refresher module will be available later this summer, and will give an overview of how the new assessment is similar and different from the previous version.
  2. An online KRA-R Update Document will also be available on our KRA for Teachers webpage.
Please support your teachers in understanding the changes in the assessment for this school year.

KRA-R Kits
The new assessment kits were shipped to each district in June. Refer to the KRA-R Print to Ship 2020 Information to look up the number of kits ordered for your district and the shipping address. If you did not receive kits, or need to place an order, please fill out this KRA-R kit order form.

Ready for Kindergarten (KReady) online system 
The Ready for Kindergarten (KReady) online system is the system used for KRA-R teacher training and for the student data collection. The KReady system opens mid-July for the 2020-2021 school year.
A data manager is the individual who has access to teacher and student demographic information. It is this person’s responsibility for adding teachers, students, and enrollment data to the Ready for Kindergarten Online system. You have to be registered in the Ready for Kindergarten online system as a data manager in order to enter or access any data.

To get access, an individual must be selected by the school or district to serve in this capacity. Each participating school or district must assign an Assessment Data Manager-Preschool and Kindergarten in the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS). Here are directions: ​Assigning Roles in OEDS
Data manager roles are getting created in the first two to three weeks of July. If you need access starting mid-July and you have not yet received a welcome email with your KReady account information, please reach out to the Ohio K12 Help Desk at 844-512-6446. 

Additional Information 
Reset and Restart Education: Ohio’s Planning Guide for Schools and Districts
Ohio’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Webpage
K-8 District Test Coordinator Bulletin
Ohio’s State Test Rules Book
Ohio K12 Help Desk 844-512-6446