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EMIS Newsflash – July 18, 2017

FY17 Traditional Districts End of Year Student (S) Collection, v3
FY17 SOES End of Year Student (S) Collection, v4
SDC Now Open
SDC Release Notes


Know! Summer Freedom and its Challenges!

ThinkstockPhotos-515276648.jpgIt is normal and healthy for adolescents to seek increased independence as they grow and develop. It is also normal for parents to have a hard time letting go. Naturally, we worry about our children’s health and safety and quite frankly, their ability to make good decisions. However, in order for our children to become mature, responsible, self-disciplined young people, we must loosen the reigns and allow them to make some decisions on their own, mistakes and all.


EMIS Newsflash – July 17, 2017

Data Appeal Window Open for Early Learning, COS, and OELPA Assessment Data


Know! The Effect of Peer Presence

ThinkstockPhotos-682207688-1.jpgWe all know the heavy influence peer pressure can have on a tween/teen, especially when it comes to risk-taking behaviors like drinking, smoking and using other drugs. But are you aware of the impact the mere presence of peers can have on an adolescent’s decision-making, without any coercing or encouragement at all?


EMIS Newsflash – July 13, 2017

FY17 Spring DORP Assessment (A) Collection Extended
FY17 Spring DORP Assessment (A) Collection, v2
FY17 Final Staff/Course (L) Collection, v2
SDC Now Open
SDC Release Notes

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