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Know! What’s Happening at Friday Night Football Games

ThinkstockPhotos-139983127-1.jpgThe idea of sneaking alcohol into a football stadium is nothing new. Encourage kids to find their personal motivation for being alcohol-free. They may attribute it to academics, sports, friendships, appearance, health or not wanting to disappoint their parents. Regardless, students will feel better equipped and more confident in saying ‘no’ if they have thought about it ahead of time.


5 Ways to Help Your Child Start the School Year Right

Each year as summer draws to a close, teachers, parents, and students alike all begin their back to school preparations. Whether you are sending your child off to Pre-K for the first time, readying a classroom for a new set of students, or attending your freshman year of college, there's a lot to prepare for. Check out these resources that can help make sure you are ready to make this school year one of the best.


EMIS Newsflash – August 29, 2016

FY17 Summer 3rd Gr ELA-Reading Assessment Reporting no Longer Required
FY17 Summer 3rd Gr ELA-Reading Assessment and Retention Appeals Open


EMIS Newsflash – August 26, 2016

FY16 Final Staff and Course (L) Collection Extended


EMIS Newsflash – August 25, 2016

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