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This online search tool serves as a directory of preschool programs and school-age child care licensed by the Ohio Department of Education.

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Licensing Guide and Forms for Preschool and School-Age Child Care (SACC) Programs

ODE is responsible for licensing:

  1. Preschool programs (birth-age 5 not in Kindergarten) operated by public schools, educational service centers, boards of developmental disabilities, and chartered nonpublic schools with multiple grades above kindergarten  Preschool rules (effective date 7/03/2014)
  2. School-age child care (5yrs- 14yrs) programs operated by public schools, educational service centers, community schools, boards of developmental disabilities, and chartered nonpublic schools with multiple grades above kindergarten SACC rules (effective date 6/22/2015)

To “operate” a program means being directly responsible for the day to day planning, organizing, and managing of the program. That is, “fiscal agent” and “location” do not determine jurisdiction.

A preschool or SACC program operated by an entity that is not listed above should contact the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (1-877-302-2347) for program licensing information.

Guide for Program Operation

Obtaining and/or Changing a Preschool and/or SACC Program License
Summary of various processes involved in preschool and SACC licensing:


Initial License (12-Month Provisional)

A program must submit an initial application when one of the following circumstances occurs:

  • A preschool or SACC program is starting operation for the first time (under Sections 3301.52 to 3301.59 of the Ohio Revised Code) ,
  • An ODE licensed preschool and/or SACC program is moving to a new address that does not have a current license,
  • A preschool program is moving to a site that only has a SACC license, or
  • A SACC program is moving to a site that only has a preschool license.

When a program applies for a new license, it will receive a pre-license on-site review prior to children attending the program. If in compliance with the rules, the program will receive a twelve-month license.

To access the application forms:

To Prepare for a Site Visit

Program Changes

Changes in Times of Operation

Please e-mail the OEL&SR Licensing Team at if changes to your program involve hours or days of operation only (i.e., the classroom locations have not changed). This change does not require a special form.

Changes in Classroom Spaces Within Existing Building

When a district/diocese operating a program changes classroom information within the same licensed facility. An addendum form is completed when a program is:

  • Adding an Infant-Toddler classroom (Note: In this case, a copy of the building approval document must be submitted with the addendum form, and a site visit will be scheduled).
  • Moving a preschool and/or SACC classroom within the licensed facility, and/or
  • Deleting a preschool and/or SACC classroom,
  • Adding a SACC classroom within the facility that is already licensed for SACC,
  • Adding a preschool classroom within the facility that is already licensed for preschool,

Note 1: A pre-approval visit by an on-site reviewer is not required to make space changes at an already licensed facility unless the space will serve infant/toddler-age children.

Note 2: When a program moves to a site that is not currently licensed, a new application must be completed (see Initial License instructions above.)

Changes in License Information

Sometimes information printed on a license may need changed as follows:

  • There is a new Superintendent/CAO,
  • The name of the building or facility changed

The above changes need to be indicated by the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS) manager in your district. After OEDS is updated to reflect changes as listed above, please notify the OEL&SR Licensing Team at or call 614-466-0224 and request a copy of your amended license from a licensing team member.

Organization no longer serving Preschool or SACC children at licensed address

If the organization identified on a license will no longer serve preschoolers and/or SACC children at the licensed facility, the program must e-mail a copy of the facility’s preschool and/or SACC license to The licensed programs (preschool and/or SACC) that will be closed must be circled on the e-mailed license and the word “close” should be written on the license copy.

Upon receipt of the e-mailed license, the OEL&SR licensing team will e-mail a form to the superintendent. The completed form with the superintendent/CAO’s signature must be emailed to The program will then be closed in the licensing data base.

Program Moving

Moving a program to a new address not currently licensed by your district requires a new license application. If a program will be operated by a different district at the same address, a new license application must be submitted for the new district operating the program.

Resources for Licensing of Preschool and SACC Programs

Sample Forms

Any of these sample forms may be used or adapted for program use. Programs may also create their own forms related to requirements.

Other Resources

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