Third-Grade Reading Guarantee District Staffing Plan Check-In



Students on a Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan in the 2014–15 School Year


(cut score = 392)
(cut score = 394)
How many third-grade students achieved the cut score or above during the fall administration of the Ohio Achievement Assessment in Reading?

Has Your Staffing in 2014–15 Worked According to Plan?:

As of March 30, 2015, how many teachers in your district do you expect will meet the teacher qualifications as required in the Sub. Senate Bill 21 legislation? (Holds a reading endorsement on the teacher’s license; has “above expected” rating; earned a passing score on a rigorous reading test; rated “most effective” using student growth; holds an alternative credential; and/or completed a master’s degree in reading or literacy)

Do you anticipate any changes to your staffing plan to ensure that third-grade teachers in your district meet the legislated teacher qualification requirements?:

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