Legislative Service Commission (LSC) Budget Simulations

The following links contain funding simulations for traditional school districts, joint vocational school districts, and community schools.  These simulations were produced by the Ohio Legislative Service Commission (LSC) for the budget bill’s Conference Committee using data that was available at that time, supplied by ODE and the Ohio Department of Taxation.  Actual state aid will be based on actual data and is subject to change.

Estimated total state aid is provided for FY 2014 and FY 2015 for traditional school districts and joint vocational school districts.  Additionally, state aid estimates are provided by formula component (e.g. opportunity grant, targeted assistance, special education) for traditional school districts.  It should be noted that if a district’s funding is capped, then the adjustment in the “Effect of Cap” column would be applied proportionately to all formula components (except for special education and career-technical education). Estimates for community schools compare funding under the new formula and under the actual formula in law at the time for FY 2012.

In August, ODE plans to provide online calculators that will allow school districts and community schools to simulate state aid based on student counts they can adjust given their knowledge of their district’s or school’s student population for the coming school year.  Payments under the new formulae are anticipated to begin in October.


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